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Cowboy hats are classic, stylish, and age well. They’re also lightweight and easy to pack so they’re great for traveling. Maybe you never got around to acquiring one while you were a cowboy in training – or perhaps your cowboy days are long behind you – but now it’s time to make sure that your wardrobe is complete with this fashion staple! We’ve collected some of our favorite brands for every budget style. Ladies, gentlemen, cowboys and cowgirls: here’s how to stay stylish in the saddle.

It may come as a surprise but cowboy hats are still very much in style and have been for decades. While the American cowboy has all but disappeared and the duster is pretty much a relic, cowboy hats have stayed with us as a stylish accessory. They’re also lightweight and don’t take up much room when you pack, so they’re ideal for taking on all your travels. And while they may not be as resilient or cold-resistant as other styles like the duster, they come in enough different designs, colors and materials to ensure that you can find one that works for you, despite your gender or personal style.

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