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If you’ve ever tried to make a mixtape, you know that it’s a pain in the ass. Sometimes you want to make a fun playlist, but sometimes you just want to write down the best quotes and songs you’ve heard and record them in a book. Luckily, for those types of things, you can do this through the use of mocs.

Mocs are like mixtapes, except they’re for artists. Instead of a bunch of random people, you put your favorite songs in the moc. You then edit the moc in a way that it becomes your own personal playlist. Mocs have become so commonplace that there’s a Mocsy app that exists for that very purpose.

It is so common for musicians to release their mixtapes on the web these days that its not even a surprise that mocs are becoming more and more common in our lives. The reason for this may be a combination of the internet and the fact that music is a very personal medium. When I listen to some of my favorite music I feel connected to it, even if I don’t actually know the artist personally. The same is true of mocs.

Mocs might not be as common as they used to be, but they are becoming more and more common with artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z releasing their music on the web. In fact, Jay-Z released his mixtape, “The Blueprint 2,” on his own site last month, just before I saw the news that he was opening a mocs site.

I have already mentioned that there is an overlap between mocs and xmanga. Mocs is the Japanese word for a type of manga, so what makes mocs more popular is that artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z release their work on the web instead of in stores (or at least to the same extent).

Not that I’m saying that mocs and xmanga are the same thing, but they both tend to be more art-focused than music-focused. Both also tend to be much more popular in Japan than in the West, where artists tend to be self-funded and have more control over their own release schedule.

Because they are both art-focused, I think that it’s great that mocs and xmanga have found their way into people’s hearts. But what I think is even more impressive is what’s happening with mocs in Japan now that they have found their footing in US culture. Because of the way they are presented, mocs now seem to be more and more popular in Japanese pop culture—and the manga and anime industry. Which is great.

Mocs are a sub-genre of anime that are filled with high-quality artwork and well-written stories. They are not a genre that I know very much about, but when they were first introduced to me, I thought they were hilarious. But now I think they are actually cool and have a lot of potential.

The mocs anime industry was born in the late 1980s. In Japan, mocs is the name given to the young, male demographic that is drawn to moe (mechanical) art. In the US, it is the name given to the male demographic that likes to draw and draw and draw. So mocs, from Japan, are a sub-genre of manga and anime that are filled with high quality artwork and well-written stories.

So how does this compare to other moc sub-genres out there? Well there are a few other “mocs” you can find in the US: One-Punch Man, Maniac Mansion, and Metal Slug. But the most popular moc sub-genre in the US is probably Speed Racer. The series is very popular in Japan, but it is not nearly as popular in America.